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about us

King Bait Berley & Tackle is a wholesale fishing supplier. 100% Australian owned and operated, based in Melbourne we have established an extensive client base throughout all of Australia. Specialising in salt water fishing, our products have grown in popularity. With innovative packaging and customer service as a priority, King has quickly developed an excellent reputation in the Australian fishing industry.

fresh from the market

All of our bait and berley ingredients are sourced from the market daily. With out large buying power we manage to get the freshest product at the best prices.

online ordering

Our unique online ordering system allows our customers to order all of their bait, berley and tackle whenever it suits them. When deciding to stock King products you will be given a unique username and password to login. With our secure website, you even have the option of paying instantly via credit card.

innovative packaging

One thing the team at King can guarantee, you will not find bait packaged the way we do it. Packed in black trays and vacuum skin sealed, this allows our bait to be fresher for longer. Longer shelf life for you means less waste and more money.

fast delivery

Our commitmenent to customer service means getting our clients the products they require, when they require them. We understand the importance of having your freezer stocked, so when you order, we deliver.
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